Teaching Practice (TP) school selection for the year 2021


The Postings Committee wishes to inform you that selection of schools for the 2021 Teaching Practice (TP) is opened.

You can choose up to two schools as first, and second choices that must be in different regions.

Please watch the video that was shared via the students WhatsApp group by the GCSU for instructions on how to fill the posting form.

The names of the schools including the regions and clusters is shared via the students WhatsApp groups by the GCSU. Please talk to your friends if you do not have the list.

Don’t forget to check the school list for the correct name of the school, cluster, and region you want to choose.

Here is the link to apply for posting

Note: Do not apply for posting again if you have applied before.


Thank you

Mr. Ansumana M.S. Keita

Chairman Postings Committee