Teaching Practice (TP) Memos for cleared students


Congratulations! The Postings Committee wishes to inform you that you have been cleared for Teaching Practice (TP).

You can use your phone to check whether your name is on the list. But to print the memo, you must use a computer connected to the Internet and a printer. One way is to go to any Internet Cafe to print the memo.

Follow the link below to search for your memo grouped by programmes.

Teaching Practice (TP) MEMOS

Please make two copies of the memo, take one to your school of choice, and keep the other for reference during the observation period.

NOTE: You may forge the memo, but know that you will be caught; How, you may ask? Because we have a database of all the cleared students, which will be used during the observation time.

Thank you

Mr. Ansumana M.S. Keita

Chairman Postings Committee