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The Gambia College

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Life at
The Gambia College

The activities on students life reflects the diversity of the college.

At The Gambia College we encourage students to participate in outside of classroom activities, and learn from those experiences. Our involvement in student life is essential in making college life a valuable experience.

  • Students Stories

    Read stories from passed and current students about their intellectual, social, and personal experiences at The Gambia College.

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  • Campuses

    The Gambia College has four campuses, located in the thriving regions (Brikama, Banjul, Bwiam and Basse) of The Gambia. The headquarters of the College is located in Brikama Campus.

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  • Student Clubs

    The primary role of the clubs is to support students in academic and extracurricular needs to facilitate their successful experience through the college.

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The Masjid

The college campus hosts a central masjid along the main entrance and a regular praying ground in the University Chancery to cater for the need of Muslims students, staff and visitors. The Students Islamic Solidarity Association is responsible for Islamic programmes in campus.

The Chapel

Christian students and staff offer prayers in the College Chapel. It doubles as a centre for Christian brotherhood where students and staff help one another through the Gambia Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

Common Room

The Social Welfare unit of the Gambia College Students Union keeps the door of the Common Room open to the campus community for life or recorded cinema programmes. Smart screens are well fitted for both academic and non-academic needs of residents.

The Bantaba

College campuses feature several basements also known as ‘Bantaba’ serving as perfect grounds for outdoor sessions such as group assignments or open meeting with academics. With biologically dressed grounds, it takes just the placement of furniture under the canopy of several trees to experience the best atmospheric taste.


No student got to worry about basic healthcare in campus because trained specialists from the Schools of Nursing and Midwifery, and Public Health are ever prepared to give the best of services. The sickbay is furnished with basic first aid kids factored in the annual budget of the Students’ Union for everyone in campus.

The centre has a cordial relationship with all the immediate referral national health facilities for all cases beyond the capacity of the college clinic.

Students Dormitories

The dorms under the Resident Tutor offers the perfect opportunity for social networking and experience sharing among mixed population of urban and rural residents and some international students.


The recognition of various sporting disciplines does not only reflect in the teaching curriculum of the Gambia College; it is vibrated in major periodic extracurricular activities. The college scouts and nurtures talents from feeder schools into different courses of Physical and Health Education.

The annual Sports Day observed during the (Second Trimester) stimulates athletics competition among four houses to which every student of the College is registered. This event brings students out of the confines of the four walls of the classroom from all disciplines together to compete in field and track games.

Arts and Cultures

The Gambia College holds artistic and cultural values very high in its programmes as vehicle for teaching and learning. While culture portrays a sense of identity, creative art is used to depicts the intercultural and diverging composition of the college community.

Arts and Cultural Day is set aside to project the beauty of culture through the art of language, dress, food and performance. Visual arts products by students under the supervision of the Department of Educational and Professional Studies are displayed on the Open Learning centre to inspire student-teachers; nurses and midwives; and agriculturists with the background of culture in the communities they would soon serve.

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