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The Gambia College

Finance Office

The Gambia College is usually involved, through this office, with financial aids options for students in relation to tuition fees, stipends, cost of living, and cost of learning materials. It gives clearance for fresh and continuing students to attend lessons, exams, and graduations.

The Finance office is responsible for the development of annual budget and means to meet up all the funding gaps. As a beneficiary of government subvention raised through school improvement taxes, the college finance office is obliged to share reports with the Public Enterprise Committee of the National Assembly. It uses this opportunity to show financial statement which highlights strengths and weaknesses in the funding areas.

Traditionally, this office prescribes procurement ventures, grants and partnership with national and international organisations geared towards improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Finance Office
Finance Office

  • Mr. Lamin Jammeh

    Deputy Finance Director

    Mr. Lamin Jammeh  photo
  • Mrs. Fatou Manka

    Finance Controller

    Mrs. Fatou Manka  photo
  • Mr. Lamin Jobarteh

    Account Officer

    Mr. Lamin Jobarteh  photo
  • Mrs. Fatou Ndong

    Account Officer

    Mrs. Fatou Ndong  photo
  • Mrs. Hoyan Dubois

    Account Officer

    Mrs. Hoyan Dubois  photo
  • Mrs. Isatou Barry Jallow

    Account Officer

    Mrs. Isatou Barry Jallow  photo
  • Ms. Neneh Bah

    Account Officer

    Ms. Neneh Bah  photo